Often we get the questions, why is your data so accurate and at time why do you track less than Builtwith? The answer is really simple! We crawl all domains regularly while Builtwith crawl 2X a year all domains, and then they crawl the top domains monthly. But is their approach better than Techtrackers? We went out to research it to crate the best Benchmark in the industry!

So no doubt Shopify has been growing the last 12 months rapidly but Techtrack tracks close to 400K while Builtwith track close to 1.1M installs who is right?

We decided to go to Builtwith and downloaded the first 50 domains the show using Builtwith in the data proves our approach comes down to accuracy vs illusionary numbers.

We check the 50 domains for Shopify manually to compare and what Builtwith showed where surprisingly not using Shopify in most cases. Sites like nytimes.com(news site), teenvogue.com(news site), theadvocate.com (news site) are marked as using Shopify in Buildwith but they dont!

We then ran the domains on Wappalyzer which like Techtracker didn't find these either as both has a more accurate approach, but Techtracker tracks 6X more technologies and over 200 Million domains compare to Wappalyzer.

Here are the batch results of our test, where Techtracker only shows real installs as we are updated in real time. As you can see a list of 50 domains Builtwith only had 4 out of 50 Domains correct.