​Let's face it, you are working hard to grow your company and do incredible well. But what if you could create tactics to steal clients from your customers or their trials? Steal from happy or unhappy customers, let them drive the lead generation for you!

Here is a recap of the entire article in video, below we will keep moving in details.

So let's start!

First Hack

Our hope is to inspire you to drive more growth to your business and by letting competitors generate leads, you are able to drive down your customers acquisition cost, but just dont take my word for it! ExactVisitor.com used the first method to drive in more than 500 Customers from Leadfeeder, Lead Forensics and others using Automations from Techtracker.io + Saleshub.ai and here is how:

ExactVisitor has set Technology alerts using Techtracker.io to scan daily for new trials of Leadfeeder and Lead Forensics, which means once someone trials either, ExactVisitor gets a real time alert! So knowing when someone trials their competitors ExactVisitor is able to reach out and pitch them their difference and ask them to compare in real time, and the end results is 6 out of 10 times a win (remember these are acquired customers from a competitor). This means only one thing, they often spend 200-800 USD to acquire the lead through (Ads, Outbound, Social etc etc) and ExactVisitor acquired them through technology based on their hard work. In other words ExactVisitor was smart to piggyback and deliver value.

So knowing the companies that installs is not just the entire workflow, ExactVisitor uses Saleshub.ai which is natively integrated with Techtracker.ai and that way they have an automated automation, that prospects the right job titles and reach out on LinkedIn and Email automatically once the install is detected. This means while the head of growth is making a Coffee she is prospecting without being in front of her computer!

This is one of the Secrects the Automation Recipes by Saleshub reacting and prospecting based on Technology Alerts from techtracker.io

Secondly with Saleshub.ai you are able to manually prospect new installs and find the right decision maker. Here you can prospect based on who installed during the last 30 days or using a particular technology.

After you can simply select the companies and find the Decision Makers between the 350 Million verified and validated contacts.

Second Hack

Research your competitors on Linkedin, they offers to search posts and you can use keywords such as their name or simple keywords like Sales automation, Visitor Tracking etc.

This way you can start doing social engagement and build a connection, not just selling but build trust or answer relevant questions around what you do.

Goal here is to stand out as a leader and be resourceful.

Third Hack

Use social mention tools such as Brandmentions.com or Mention.com to analyze and monitor mentions from your competition. Here is an example of a person that like to move away from Leadfeeder and ended up using ExactVisitor.com.

It is really simple the data is sitting there waiting for you to use :)

Fourth Hack

Follow status pages on Twitter to find unhappy customers, keep in mind this is often low Intent and not the most effective, but you can reach people in a moment of frustration and that may as well make them switch.

Fifth hack

Extract followers from competitors social channels to interact with them can be from LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

Sixth Hack

Use Youtube to buy Preroll ads on your competitors video's get in front of your potential customers and serve them with ads that are highly targeted.

Seventh Hack

Buy intent data from the likes of Bombora which tells you if companies are reading about a topic (category or competitor name) this again can tell your company who is in the market as potential buyers and you can reach out before they buy from your competitor :)

G2 Intent Data

Tells you who is looking at your reviews but also your competitors reviews and give you an idea who is ready to buy from your or a similar product, perfect time to reach them. G2 Intent cost from 12K USD paid annually and up.

Now using data to capture competitors customers is not a guarantee you win them, your offering should be better to move them.

Good luck scaling your business